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1. Wash hands thoroughly and wait for them to dry before tearing the pouch open and readying the test.


2. Locate the pre-filled buffer tube and tap it vertically on a flat surface to ensure the extraction buffer solution settles at the bottom of the tube.


3. Unscrew the cap and hold it straight carefully to prevent spillage.


4. Take out the nasal swab and insert it into one nostril up to 2-4 cm until some resistance is met, roll it five times inside the nostril to make sure cells are collected, repeat the process in the other nostril with the same swab.


5. Dip the nasal swab into the pre-filled extraction tube, pinch the bottom of the tube and swirl the swab 10 times before breaking the swab at its “break point” and covering the tube with its attached nozzle cap.


6. Add two drops of extracted antigen buffer mixture into the “sample well” of the test device by pressing the tube and wait 10-15 minutes.


7. The result will be available in up to 20 minutes.


8. Dispose of all the materials used in the biohazard bag provided.


9. Individuals who test positive should isolate themselves as per ICMR guidelines, while those with symptoms who test negative should immediately get themselves tested by RT-PCR.


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