Sildenafil for Erectile Dysfunction

sildenafil for erectile dysfunction

What you are discribing is erectile dysfunction : the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for penetrative sex.

there are many causes for erectile dysfunction including

* vascular/circulatory problems(vasculogenic erectile dysfunction)

*neurological and nerve disorders

*vitamin or hormonal deficiencies,including low testosterone

*psychological problems such as anxiety,stress,PTSD and depression

*A venous leak(venogenic erectile dysfunction)

* Side effects of prescription medications

*Drug or alcohol abuseSometimes erectile dysfunction is a symptom or indicator of a serious underlying problem.

 Dignose your particular condition or tell you the best treatment.Remember,erectile dysfunction is a medical problem, and when you have a medical problem the first thing you should do is TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

A doctor can determine the cause of the problem and give you appropriate medication or treatment.

Four steps for Erectile dysfunction treatments:

1. use and try viagra or tadalafil,sildenafil.If this works then countinue using this.

2. Along with step1,try to adopt and practice healthy lifestyle.This is very important for good strong erection.

3. Have all the required tests done.If there will be any abnormalities,then correct it and it may cure your erectile dysfunctin.

4.If you have tried and exhausted all options and nothing worked satisfactorily,then go for stem cell therapy.Have penile doppler test before going for stem cell therapy.

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